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Getting insurance online

Do I have to visit the office to get insurance, or can I accomplish this through the Internet? 

No. In order to get MAXIMA insurance, prospective customers don’t need to come to the office or contact insurance agents. You can receive insurance online by filling in application online here.

What kind of procedure and waiting period is there for getting insurance?

The procedure for receiving MAXIMA insurance has been crafted for simplicity. Signing up requires access to the Internet, a credit card, and 5 minutes. You can receive insurance from our website by follow this link

Can I pay for insurance through somebody else’s credit card? For example, can I use my parents’ card?

If your parents do not object to using their card, we do not object either. It is likely, however, that using another's card is not a good idea. 

Is a medical examination required before getting insurance?

In the majority of cases, individuals are not required to pass additional examinations before signing a medical insurance agreement. In the process of getting insurance, you will be required to fill out an application. If all answers are negative, you will be able to complete the insurance policy completely online. If you answer ‘yes’ to at least one question, however, you need to contact the MAXIMA company in order to obtain insurance from the company’s office or through an authorized MAXIMA agent. 

Do I need to submit additional documents to the insurance company if my family moves from one area to another?

No. Insurance is not ‘tied’ to a specific location, but it is a compulsory condition for obtaining or prolonging a visa.

My family is from the U.S, but last year we lived in Germany, and now we are moving to an apartment in Prague. We already have German insurance which is valid in Schengen countries. Am I required to reissue insurance?

If your insurance is valid the territory of Schengen countries, you don’t need to reissue insurance, especially if you have a valid Schengen visa issued by Germany. Nevertheless, when you reapply for or prolong your visa, you will be required to get insurance from a Czech company.

What do I do if one of my answers in the health condition application is ‘yes’. Am I, then, not eligible to complete insurance online?

True. If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one question in the application, you will not be able to complete your insurance agency online. In this case, contact us  and we will tell you what to do next .

I paid for insurance online, but after making the payment my Internet connection failed and I was not able to print the agreement and payment confirmation. What should I do next? 

Contact our office immediately. We will check whether the payment was made and email the confirmation and agreement to you.   

The payment for insurance was transferred twice from my credit card. What should I do? 

Contact us immediately after you discover that money has been transferred twice. We will most definitely solve this problem together. 

Do you offer any prmotional discounts?

From time to time, Maxima Insurance offers certain promotional discounts. These offers are not on a permanent basis.

If at the moment there is a promotional discount, then the PROMO CODE button on your screen will be active. You can use this Promo Code while filling the application form.

If the Promo Code button on the website is not active, then there are no promotional discounts available at the moment.

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Medical care under insurance

Does insurance include dental coverage? 

The insurance covers preventive examinations once a year. In addition to that, insurance has a provision for dental treatment in the amount of 5000 Czech koruna per year.

What accidents/illnesses does the Maxima a.s. insurance policy cover?

Any sudden illness, trauma etc., right up to a mite’s bite or high temperature.

In which clinics am I allowed to receive medical care with a policy from the Maxima insurance company?

Insurance from the “Maxima” company allows you to receive medical treatment in all state clinics of the Czech Republic and in the majority of private medical establishments. A complete list is available  here.

How many times can my family ask for medical aid under the insurance?

The volume of medical treatment under your family's  insurance is limited to its insurance coverage amount. For the FAMILY policy, the amount of coverage is 1.5 million Czech koruna (or 60,000 Euros) per single insurance event. The total limit under insurance is 2 million Czech koruna. Special conditions apply to dental treatments.

Can my family attend a medical facility of our own choosing? Or is the choice of doctor governed by insurance conditions?

Yes, of course. Individuals and families are able to choose a desired physician on their own. If  the physician doesn't have an agreement with our insurance company, a MAXIMA representative will contact the physician and settle all formalities, of course if the doctor is interested himself. Nevertheless, ‘Maxim’ company cooperates with a huge number of state and private clinics allover Czech Republic. You can find complete list of them here.

My child has bronchial asthma. Will insurance cover emergency medical treatment when he has an attack as well as cover medical treatment after an attack?

The insurance covers emergency medical aid during an asthma attack. The treatment of asthma itself, however, is not included into the insurance.

Does Maxima insurance cover expenditure towards treatment of chronic illnesses, for example, chronic gastritis or gastric ulcer?

The insurance covers emergency medical aid during attacks of chronic illness. The treatment of such diseases, however, is not included in the insurance.

After operation, I was prescribed an expensive drug for recovery. Does the insurance policy cover the cost of drugs?

Comprehensive insurance covers expenditures towards medical equipment (crutches, bandages etc.) and the cost of drugs prescribed by a doctor due to a related operation.

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Payment of insurance indemnity

If someone in my family falls sick during our vacation in Spain, would our expenditures for medical treatment be reimbursed under insurance policy?

FAMILY insurance is comprehensive in the Czech Republic. In Schengen countries, under this insurance, individuals can receive emergency aid within insurance limits. If an insurance event occurs beyond the territory of the Czech Republic, you need to contact representatives of the “Maxima” company and get recommendations concerning further actions. 

What is the process of compensation for medical care expenditures? Is it directly between the hospital and the insurance company, or do I have to pay for treatment and then get compensation?

That all depends on the conditions of the cooperation agreement, which was signed between medical establishment and the “Maxima” company. State clinics regulate all financial relations directly through the insurance company. The majority of private medical establishments require upfront payment for services and then get reimbursement of expenditures from the insurance company.

I urgently required medical aid, but I forgot my policy at home. Will I still get medical aid at the hospital?

There is 24/7 support service where doctors can call and get the details of patient’s insurance policy. Nevertheless, in order to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend to all clients of the “Maxima” company to constantly carry plastic cards issued upon purchase of insurance. This card contains all necessary data about your policy.

If someone in my family breaks a leg during a vacation at a ski resort, would our expenditures be compensated for medical aid and treatment? 

Yes, necessary and emergency aid is covered.

What should I do if an insurance event occurs?

All information on proper procedures when insured events occur is located in your insurance policy. Policy holders are required to call assistance service through EuroCross Assistance as stated in the insurance agreement at the telephone number +420 272 099 900, inform them about what happened, after which the operator assistants will provide you with the closest clinic or doctor who can provide medical aid to you – from single visit locations to long-term treatment facilities. As an owner of an insurance policy, you don't have to pay anything for this service.  

If an individual pays a doctor personally, would his expenditures be later compensated by the Maxima a.s. company?

Not always. EUROCROSS Assistance has medical experts who assess where treatment would best take place,  when insurance events are not registered with assistance service, as well as compliance of payment for doctor’s services. If there are more questions, additional investigation is required. In cases of violation of your insurance agreement, the insurance company has the right to refuse payment for such visits. 

If a family with a MAXIMA insurance policy uses the services of a doctor whom they know and trusts, what are their actions concerning payment?

Policy holders who turned for help, after completion of all procedures, need to get a conclusion from a doctor which includes a diagnosis, detailed report, as well as an invoice for payment confirmation. Then, these documents are to be sent via mail to EUROCROSS Assistance or to Maxima a.s. If these documents do not raise any questions, liquidation of the insurance event (expenditure compensation) will be completed within 2-3 weeks.

All questions related to the use of EUROCROSS Assistance or medical insurance can be communicated directly with the head of foreigners’ insurance departments through Maxima a.s. company Konstantin Popsujevic at the following e-mail

Telephone number of EUROCROSS assistance services: +420 272 099 900

Telephone number of Maxima a.s. insurance company : +420 224 305 403

The work procedures of the Maxima a.s. company are different from the standard procedures of other companies. Our company does not conclude independent service agreements for its clients with clinics or separate doctors. Maxima a.s. has one general agreement with EUROCROSS Assistance international service, which, in turn, has a network of clinics and other medical establishments. In Czech Republic, our network of EUROCROSS assistance service includes approximately one hundred medical institutions.

Where do I apply for expenditure reimbursement?

When you or a family member receives treatment at a state clinic, all financial matters are settled between the clinic and  the insurance company. In other cases, individuals settle medical services bills and then submit an application to the insurance company with a request for reimbursing of expenditures.

How much time does it take between the submission of insurance event applications and the actual payment of insurance coverage? 

Each case tends to have its own payment period. Usually the payment period is between 2 to 5 weeks. 

Can the insurance company reject reimbursement of costs paid towards medical services? If yes, in which cases?

Within comprehensive medical insurance, dental bills which exceed a limit of 5000 koruna are not reimbursed. Also, the insurance company does not pay for the following medical treatments: contraceptives, fertility treatment for men and women, artificial insemination, frames for glasses, and contact lenses. 

I had to ask for emergency medical aid at a state hospital. There I showed my insurance policy and got help without any problems. They did not take any money from me, but some time later I received a notification of an unpaid bill. What should I do?

We have not encountered such an issue. Matters are settled directly between state clinics and insurance companies, but, if you really actually have received a bill, the likelihood is that it is a mistake. Contact us , and we will settle this matter.

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Insurance validity period

What is the minimal period for which I can purchase insurance? 

Comprehensive MAXIMA insurance can be purchased for any period of time starting at one month.

My family and I purchased 12 months of insurance, and due to family reasons we are forced to leave the Czech republic for 3 months. Will we be eligible to receive cost reimbursement for this period?

The Maxima company is the only insurance company in the Czech Republic which returns funds for unused services. You can get more details here . For each individual case, we recommend you to contact us directly and discuss the details.

Our family is done with our time in Prague, but the insurance period will be valid for 6 months more after we finish. Will I be insured for that period?

Yes, of course. You are considered insured for the entire period of insurance validity which is specified in the agreement and insurance policy.

Is insurance valid year-round?

Yes, of course. The insurance is valid without interruption for the entire period for which it was purchased.

What happens if I do not renew the insurance after half a year or a year?

You will be left without insurance. Without coverage, individuals are not allowed to prolong their residence permit, and the likelihood is that such individuals will be forced to leave the country.

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General questions

Why do I have to purchase insurance from a Czech company instead of one from my own country?

Laws in the Czech Republic related to the stay of foreigners within the territory of the country stipulates that all foreigners who remain in the country for more than 90 days must obtain a comprehensive medical insurance agreement with a Czech insurance company. Failing to do so leads to visa confiscation or rejection of requests to prolong your residence permit. 

I noticed a mistake in my name in the insurance policy. What should I do?

As soon as you notice a mistake in the insurance policy (name, date of birth, other information), please contact us. You can contact us on the website itself by using the feedback form, or by contacting specialists of the company at +420 224 305 403 or via e-mail:

My friends suggest purchasing cheaper insurance. My family never gets sick. But I do think anything can and will happen. But I don’t want to overpay either. Maxima seems to be a good choice, but I would like to know how it differs from other insurance companies.

There is a famous expression: ‘Greed pays twice’. Unfortunately, no one is insured against illness, especially an entire family With  comprehensive health care insurance from MAXIMA, you can be confident that you will always get quality medical aid. Even better, this insurance is valid in all territories of Schengen countries.

My family has decided to go to Australia. Will our Maxima insurance be valid?

No. Insurance offered by Maxima is valid only in the territories of Schengen countries. 

If I get insurance online, how do I get an insurance card?

After making payment, you will receive your plastic insurance card at the address you mentioned in the insurance application within 5 to 7 business days via post. 

Where I can familiarize myself with general insurance conditions?

General insurance conditions can be found here . 

Do I have to carry my insurance documents all the time?

We recommend that you carry your insurance card with you. It is no bigger than a credit card and will easily fit in your wallet or purse.   

I have lost my insurance card. How do I renew it?

If you lose your card, contact the Maxima immediately. The card will be renewed at the earliest possible time.

My address has changed. Do I have to report this to insurance company?

It is beneficial to do so. All you have to do is file an application about making changes. Changes will be made free of charge.

I have changed my last name. Do I have to change the insurance policy?

No. All that is needed is to file an application about making changes into the existing agreement. Changes will be made free of charge. 

If I have a specific question regarding reimbursement for my insurance event, whom can I contact and receive consultation from?

You can ask us on our website by using the feedback form, e-mail us at , or you contact specialists of the company at +420 224 305 403 or via email:

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